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Relate To

A Relate To operation adds a relation between the current object and a target object. The related object appears on the Related Objects tab of the current object's details window. You configure this operation using the Relate to window.

To configure a Relate To operation:

  1. In the Object class field, select the class of the target object.

  2. Specify the target object in the Object field:

    • To specify an expression that will dynamically select the target object at runtime, click the Expression Builder button and use the Build Expression window to enter a SQL expression or script. The expression or script must return the object identifier (such as the Computer ID or Incident Number value).

      NOTE: If the SQL expression or script returns multiple object identifiers, Alloy Navigator uses the first one and ignores the others.

    • To specify a static object, click the ellipsis button and select the target object using the Select [Object] window.

  3. Select the relation type in the Relationship drop-down list.

    NOTE: You can select any relationship type, regardless of whether it is available for the specified object classes. For details, see Configuring object relationship.

  4. Click OK.

NOTE: When the specified relation with the target object already exists, Alloy Navigator skips the Relate To operation in order to avoid duplicates.