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Form Field window (View Form)

Use the Form Field window to add or edit a field to be displayed on the chosen View Form in the Self Service Portal.

Under Field, specify the general field properties:

  • Object Field - indicates that the field is physical, i.e. displays the value of a physical object field.
  • Name - the name of the object field.
  • NOTE: When the field label is customized, the Name field displays the custom label instead of the field name. For details, see Customizing system field labels.

  • Virtual Field - indicates that the field is virtual, i.e. displays dynamic content (a macro or a value of another object). You specify the content to display in the Value field below.
  • Name - the name of the virtual field.
  • Type - the type of the virtual field (the type of data in the Value field).
  • For Reference field:
    Reference to - the class of objects or object classifiers to choose a reference object from.

Under Display, specify how this field appears on the View Form:

  • Label - the field label. If you want to use the field name as the caption, keep this field clear.
  • Value - the virtual field value.
  • - opens the Build Expression window, where you can enter static text combined with dynamic content, or a SQL expression or script that returns a single dynamically calculated value.