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Checking AlloyScan synchronization results

Introduced in 2023.2

This page describes how to verify that a newly configured or an existing AlloyScan synchronization job works as expected.

After you have configured an AlloyScan synchronization job, you can test the job and check its results to make sure it works correctly. You can test a disabled job as well.

Before you begin, make sure that the Automation Server is running. You can do this by checking the status of the Automation Server icon in the Settings App status bar.

To start an AlloyScan synchronization job and check its results:

  1. Go to Services > AlloyScan Integration > Synchronization, select the job to test, and click Run on the Module menu. If the command is unavailable, click Refresh to refresh the information.

  2. To verify whether the job has run and imported AlloyScan data, double-click the job, go to the Sessions tab, and review the latest entry at the top to see if data was processed. For details, see Viewing Alloy Discovery Synchronization job sessions.

  3. Go to Configuration Management > Computers and view created Computer records. The computer's configuration data is displayed on the Configuration tab of the Computer details window.

  4. If your job was configured to create Hardware records, go to Configuration Management > Hardware and view created records.