Release Notes

What's new in version 8.7.4

April 2021

Version 8.7.4 is a maintenance release. It resolves issues reported in previous versions and improves the overall performance and stability.

Resolved Alloy Discovery issues

  • Resolved the issue with out-of-the-box Integrations not working in Alloy Discovery 8.7.3.

  • Resolved Alloy Discovery performance issues caused by SQL Server locking. The problems were particularly noticeable under a heavy load where multiple Inventory Server instances were competing for resources when running the audit. Inventory Servers that were temporarily blocked from accessing data could suddenly stop responding and their corresponding status icons become dimmed.

  • Resolved the issue with Alloy Discovery sync unexpectedly treating per-user software licenses as per-installation licenses and allocating them to computers where the software was discovered. Per-user licenses are no longer involved in automatic allocation, as expected.

Improved Web App

  • Now you can quickly jump from an Approval Stage record to the object you are approving. As usual, a single click on a hyperlinked field label reveals a preview form, and a middle click brings up the object's full form.

  • Launching a workflow action while having unsaved changes on the full form no longer invokes repetitive prompts to save the record. The dialog box now offers three distinct options, and clicking No would abandon your changes and let you proceed.

  • Addressed a usability issue related to the adding of software products to Tracked Software records. Now Alloy Navigator searches products by their frequently-used text fields by default, which is how users typically search for a product.

  • Restored the ability to download multiple attachments at once. Press and hold CTRL or SHIFT while selecting attachments, then click Save to download selected files. You can also delete selected attachments or change their properties.

  • Adding the Lease field to data views for IT assets no longer causes the "Specified cast is not valid" error.

  • Resolved the "The target 'ctl00$M$ctl36$Cbp' for the callback could not be found or did not implement ICallbackEventHandler" error that could unexpectedly pop up on dashboards. The error occurred when dashboard widgets with no data were getting hidden to save screen real estate.

  • Fixed a typo in the "is greater than or equal to" condition of the Advanced Filter.

Fast navigation through Knowledge Base articles

Proper format for currency and duration data

  • When displaying currency or duration values, Alloy Navigator now applies the format specified in the regional settings section of the Settings App.

Easier workflow management

  • To ensure the proper functioning of workflow actions, Alloy Navigator no longer allows adding empty Text elements to action forms.

  • Resolved the issue that prevented Alloy Navigator administrators from deleting unused Priority values.

More comfortable dark mode

  • Resolved the issues with the Alloy Dark theme making text unreadable in some areas.

More stability for your Desktop App

  • Resolved the "HTML parse error: Abstract Error" on attempts to open objects containing SVG images in descriptions.