Release Notes

What's new in version 8.7.2

November 2020

Version 2023 is a maintenance release. It extends support for LDAP authentication and resolves some issues reported in previous versions.

Extended support for LDAP authentication

  • The new version helps you leverage LDAP authentication and continual user synchronization for directory services other than Microsoft Active Directory, such as JumpCloud, Okta, OneLogin, AWS Directory Service, and others.

    INFO: For instructions, see Administration Guide: Enabling LDAP Authentication.

Improved Web App

  • Resolved the issue with Date fields applying the 12-hour clock incorrectly, causing some p.m. hours to appear as morning time.

  • Resolved a rare issue with Due Date and Submit Date values being absent on the full form of tickets. The issue occurred only on a particular combination of regional settings.

  • Implemented the ability to add multiple products to tracked software at once.

  • Resolved the issue with showing incorrect units of measure for RAM and HDD size values on the computer’s full form.

  • Resolved the issue with showing incorrect units of measure for RAM size values on the computer’s preview pane.

  • Resolved the "The UPDATE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint" error when associating assets with library items.

Better administrative tools

  • Simplified the ability to sync user data from the Active Directory for our cloud customers who use an on-premise Active Directory. The new version adds Active Directory Import — a command-line tool, part of the Alloy Administrative Tools package.

    INFO: For instructions, see Wizards and Tools Help: Active Directory Import.

  • HTML email templates in the Settings App now immediately reflect changes made to CSS styles for outgoing HTML notifications.

More reliable reporting

  • Resolved the issue with the All Time date range causing an “Error converting data type nvarchar to datetime” error when the SQL Server environment is set to a non-English locale.

Renewed Alloy Discovery

  • Implemented proper registration of Alloy Audit Service in the system registry.

  • The Direct Network Scan no longer fails with the "The service has not been started" error when the discovery method is set to Network Browser.

Smarter Mail Connector

  • The Mail Connector now successfully processes messages containing problematic HTML table markup (namely, invalid values of the colspan attribute). Previously, a "Too many table columns" error would be thrown.

Enhanced API module

  • The API module has been revised to improve native support for our Alloy Navigator mobile app.