Release Notes

What's new in version 8.2.5

May 2019

Version 8.2.5 is a maintenance release of Alloy Navigator Enterprise. It resolves several issues reported in previous versions.

Resolved Issues

Self Service Portal
  • Now Self Service Portal supports typeahead allowing users to search and filter options in drop-down lookup fields.

  • Wizard pages no longer appear empty in the Self Service Portal when wizard-style Action Forms contain read-only Date fields with initial values.

Web Portal for Technicians
  • Fixed the view switch control on the Tickets tab of the Project form.

  • Fixed behavior of the New button in situations when users have no Create permissions. Now instead of an empty box, a standard No Action message comes up.

Workflow Management
  • Fixed "Conversion failed" errors when working with parameters of the Reference type that have no default value.

Alloy Discovery Synchronization
  • Computers with very long names no longer cause the Alloy Discovery Synchronization to fail.

Main Console
  • Improved grid refresh performance after bulk updates.

  • Alloy Navigator now correctly displays the compliance status for software licenses with "Per User" tracking policy.

  • Attachment links in Announcement view mode now work as expected.

Mail Connector
  • Resolved the issue with displaying certain Unicode characters from email messages incorrectly.

Alloy Discovery Synchronization
  • Resolved the issue with duplicating Brand records containing the equals sign (=) in their name.

  • Alloy Discovery Synchronization no longer fails when computers with very long names are involved in conflicts. Previously, the "String or binary data would be truncated" error could occur.