Release Notes

What's new in version 8.0.2

April 2018

Version 8.0.2 is a maintenance release. It updates Alloy Audit Tools and resolves some issues reported in previous versions.

Updated audit tools

  • Alloy Navigator 8.0.2 includes the latest (6.1.1) version of Alloy Audit Tools, a package of various tools and components that Alloy Navigator uses to perform the hardware and software audit of computers and networked devices and display audit results.

    NOTE: The new version enables you to differentiate paid editions of Microsoft SQL Server from free ones. However, you will need to manually resume tracking of Microsoft SQL Server products after the upgrade.

Resolved issues

The new version fixes a number of issues reported in earlier versions. The most important of them are listed below.

Integration with email

  • Resolved the issue with the Automation Server failing to send out E-mail Notifications and alerts containing Unicode smilies and other emojis. The issue could appear when the EWS protocol was used for sending email.

Active Directory synchronization

  • When the Active Directory Synchronization updates Persons and encounters a new Organization, it associates all existing Persons with this Organization after the first run now.

Self Service Portal

  • Resolved a password validation error that could occur when configuring the Self Service Portal. Previously, this error was thrown: "Password validation failed. The password does not meet Windows policy requirements because it is not complex enough."

Web Portal

  • Resolved issues with data display in Table dashboard widgets and data views when their Advanced Filter was set in the SQL mode and contained the <Current User> placeholder.

  • The Web Portal no longer displays hidden details reports (reports having the Hide from Print menu option selected).

  • Boolean values now appear in hierarchical grids as check marks, not as True/False.