Release Notes

What's new in version 8.0.1

October 2017

Version 8.0.1 is a maintenance release. It resolves several issues reported in earlier versions.

Alloy Navigator: Main Console

  • The Sidebar no longer displays a black border around the Application Tree when the default skin is in use.

  • Data views imported from version 6 or 5 no longer throw the "Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string" error. The issue occured when the original view contained conditions based on static timestamps.

Alloy Navigator: Business Logic

  • The Mail Connector no longer throws an access violation instead of reporting an actual error, such as "Unable to resolve placeholder."

  • The workflow engine no longer fails to resolve Object ID placeholders in some situations. Due to this issue, some custom workflow items (such as custom "On Created/Modified" Triggers) could stop working after the upgrade.

  • Resolved the issue with "On Condition" Triggers getting looped in some cases.

Alloy Navigator: E-mail Integration

  • Resolved the issue with the Mail Connector failing to parse some email messages in the HTML format, in turn causing its workflow operations to fail as well. This resulted in empty Description or Activity fields in created Tickets or other objects.

  • The Mail Connector no longer fails to process email messages with digital signatures in some situations.

Alloy Navigator: Active Directory Synchronization

  • The Active Directory Import now imports user data from the Active Directory when the Active Directory Synchronization Job has the Ignore user records where 'Office' field is empty option enabled.

Alloy Navigator: HTML Support

  • Resolved the issue with parsing some HTML notifications.

  • Resolved some issues with the workflow engine support for HTML.

Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery: Grids

  • Implemented proper conditional formatting when the criteria is specified as an SQL expression. Previously, attempts to modify the criteria could fail with this error: "Error while building Conditional Formatting Criteria clause. Criteria cleared." The issue affected in the Main Console, Administrative Settings console, and the Web Portal.

  • The Save Current View command now successfully saves displaying records in multiple rows, i.e., when each record is shown not in one but two or more rows.