Release Notes

What's new in version 2023.2.3

January 2024

Version 2023.2.3 is a maintenance release. It addresses several issues reported in previous versions.

Web App: Reports

  • Resolved the "Please fill in all required fields" error when attempting to print the details of any object. Additional improvements include opening detail reports in a new browser tab and ensuring the Cancel button in the Report Parameters dialog box is operational.


  • We've updated the Asset QR Code Labels canned report by phasing out deprecated components, ensuring its continued reliability. Now this report uses the QR Code Generator service by

Web App: Forms

  • Addressed the issue with custom form layouts not rendering user-defined fields (UDFs) of the Reference type that are located anywhere outside the system Custom Data container.

  • The Category drop-down list on the Service Catalog Item form now features a vertical scrollbar for lengthy lists. Furthermore, we have fixed the filter box, ensuring it is always available for easier navigation within categories.

  • Resolved the "Minified React error #130" when using custom form layouts for Incidents and Service Requests.

Web App: Data views

  • Searching within All Tickets no longer triggers the "Syntax issue near 'Status_ID" error when the Full-Text Search is disabled in Alloy Navigator's system performance settings.

    NOTE: As a side note, disabling the Full-Text Search adversely impacts the performance of the search functionality. For that reason we highly recommend enabling the Full-Text Search functionality unless you have specific and compelling reasons not to do so.

  • Addressed several issues with exporting data from "new experience" data views:

    • Export files no longer include internal information (objects' GUIDs)

    • All date values, such as the Submit Date for Incidents, are now accurately exported (previously missing)

    • Multiline text from memo columns no longer spreads across multiple columns

Self Service Portal

  • Resolved an issue where certain fields were not visible on workflow forms, after an upgrade from version 2023.1 due to a stale cache. One specific instance was the Description field being absent from the ticket creation form. Now, all forms consistently show their fields as intended.

Workflow engine

  • We have updated the upgrade scripts to ensure the delivery of specific fixes related to the 'one-click workflow' to all users. This includes resolving the "Subquery returned more than 1 value" error that could occur when handling the customer satisfaction survey in certain cases.

Email integration

  • Resolved the "Exception Access token not found" error that could occur in the mail flow when customers integrate Exchange Online with OAuth authentication (Microsoft 365) through the web-based Admin Center.