Release Notes

What's new in version 2023.2.2

January 2024

Version 2023.2.2 is a maintenance release. It addresses several issues reported in previous versions.

Web App

  • Resolved the issue with workflow action forms. In the previous version, the user input validation could result in action buttons, such as Submit or Next, becoming permanently inaccessible (dimmed) once a validation message was displayed. The latest release addresses this issue, restoring the functionality of workflow forms with validation. Users can now perform workflow actions as expected.

  • Resolved issues related to displaying summary statistics in 'new experience' data views. Previously, some statistics were missing, and others were incorrect. The latest update ensures that aggregate values in data view footers are calculated correctly.

Self Service Portal

  • Addressed the issue with the My Tickets homepage widget that was unexpectedly showing closed tickets. Now, closed tickets are excluded from the display, as expected. The My Tickets widget now displays only tickets that are in an open or unresolved status.

  • Resolved the issue with Service Catalog icons missing in the Self Service Portal under specific conditions.