Release Notes

What's new in version 2021.1.1

November 2021

Version 2021.1.1 is a maintenance release. It resolves a number of issues reported in previous versions.

Web App

  • Resolved the issue with infinite scrolling through the Organize Views dialog when there are more than 25 items in the list.

  • Fixed the issue with the + New > Recent menu sometimes replacing the command you intend to launch with the command that you recently launched and then canceled.

  • Added the ability to select multiple group members to remove them en masse.

  • Resolved the issue with scrolling Knowledge Base articles when they are opened from search results.

  • To help troubleshoot issues related to file attachments, the Web App now logs errors that occur while downloading attachments (for example, when access to the file location is denied).

  • Resolved the issue causing the "INSTEAD OF triggers do not support direct recursion" error when attempting to delete Computers or Hardware records having IP addresses attached.

  • The Web App no longer hides grouped user-defined fields from the Custom Data tab when they do not fit the screen. Now it offers a scrollbar to let you see all groups.

  • Now you can close pop-ups that appear when the connection is lost (such as the Loading Data window) to get back to the form you have been working with.


  • Resolved the "Unable to assign this Status value..." error when closing child Work Orders.

Self Service Portal

  • Resolved the issue with custom portlets displaying the "404 - File or directory not found" error when more than one portlet is added to the homepage.

  • Optimized the performance of workflow wizards having a large number (more than 50) of drop-down fields on the same page.

Alloy Discovery

  • Resolved issues with the Quick Start Wizard.