Create a Trello card when a Change Request is approved

As they say, Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. Let's make a Zap that will create a card in Trello when a new Change Request in Alloy Navigator is approved.

TIP: Check out all our ready-to-use integrations with Trello.

  1. Sign in to Zapier.

  2. In Zapier, click Make a Zap!.

  3. Create a Trigger:

    1. When asked for an app, select Alloy Navigator.

    2. When asked for a Trigger Event, choose Change Request status change.

    3. Under Choose Account, provide the URL of Alloy Navigator API's endpoint and the credentials of your Alloy Navigator account.

      INFO: For details, see Alloy Navigator API endpoint URL and Alloy Navigator account for integration.

    4. Under Customize Change Request, select Approved from the Status list. Now Zapier wants to test your connection to see if it can find a Change Request in Alloy Navigator. Access the Web App and create one.

    5. Wait a second and see the information about your newly created Change Request retrieved from Alloy Navigator by Zapier. Note that all Change Request fields are available.

  4. Create an Action:
    1. Under Do this, choose Trello app, and then select Create Card .

    2. When asked for a Trello account, log in to Trello.

    3. Create a template for auto-created Trello cards: select a board and a list, use placeholders for available Change Request data to customize the card name and other properties, and make other customizations.

    4. Allow Zapier to test the Action.

  5. Your Zap is ready. Name it.

Once you turn on the Zap, Zapier will automatically create Trello cards for approved Change Requests.