Reference: Alloy Self-Service Assistant bot configuration commands

Updated in 2021.1

See the available commands for configuring the Alloy Self-Service Assistant bot in Microsoft Teams and how to use them.

  • Most commands have short forms. Both the long and short command forms are case-insensitive.

  • Some commands can be followed by an optional "tenant ID" parameter, with a space in between. The tenant ID is a 128-bit globally unique identifier (GUID) of an organization in Microsoft 365, or "tenant," as Microsoft calls it. You can find your tenant ID in your Azure Active Directory admin center, or you can ask the bot to get it for you. However, if you are adding the bot for your organization, you do not have to provide the tenant ID, because when that parameter is missing, the bot obtains the tenant ID from the message context and automatically apply the command to your organization.

Command and short form Parameter (optional) Description


<tenant ID>

Gets a pair of access tokens (an access token and a refresh token) to access the bot configuration for the tenant.

add config


<tenant ID>

Adds a bot configuration for the tenant. Only one configuration per tenant can exist.

edit config


<tenant ID>

Modifies the existing bot configuration for the tenant.

change tokens


<tenant ID>

Gets a new pair of tokens to access the bot configuration for the tenant.

NOTE: You will need to provide your current refresh token before you can get a new pair of tokens.

get tenantID



Gets your tenant ID.