Installation Guide


Alloy Navigator comes with a large number of pre-packaged standard reports in the Microsoft’s Report Definition Language (RDL) format, also called Microsoft Report Builder reports or SSRS reports. The product installation package includes tools for viewing and printing reports.

The open architecture of Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery databases allows you to customize any pre-packaged report or create new reports from scratch. However, in order to create your own reports, you will need third-party report designer software.

Report viewer software Report designer software

Microsoft Report Viewer for SQL Server 2016 Runtime

This software is installed with your Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery client components.

Note that Microsoft Report Viewer 2016 Runtime requires Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 2016.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Report Builder

To download the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Report Builder from Microsoft Download Center, go to

You can create new reports or customize pre-packaged reports using Microsoft Report Builder software and then import your Report Definition Language (.rdl) files into Alloy Navigator or Alloy Discovery.

In addition, Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery 2024 data views (or smart views) can often be used in lieu of reports, as a quick and simple on-the-fly drill-down form of reporting. Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery enable you to export the contents of any view to different formats (Microsoft Excel, XML, etc.) or use the Quick Report feature to generate a printed copy of the data view.

INFO: For details, see the Help: Printing grids.