Installation Guide

Components of Alloy Navigator Enterprise

Updated in 2023.2

Alloy Navigator Enterprise is an integrated software suite consisting of the following components:

Server components

  • Alloy Navigator Automation Server: Alloy Automation Server is a Windows service that runs automated tasks in Alloy Navigator.

  • Alloy Discovery Inventory Server: Alloy Inventory Server is a Windows service that runs automated tasks in Alloy Discovery. Alloy Discovery is tightly integrated with Alloy Navigator to provide tools for automated discovery and audit of hardware and software configurations of computers and network devices.

Web apps

  • Web App: Web App is the primary, web-based user interface for IT personnel to all Alloy Navigator functions and tasks.

  • Admin Center: Admin Center is a web application for Alloy Navigator administrators. The Admin Center is automatically installed and configured with the Web App and is immediately available for technicians with administrative permissions.

  • Self Service Portal: Self Service Portal is a self-service web interface for your customers and internal company users to the Service Desk, Service Catalog, Knowledge Base, and other modules of Alloy Navigator.

  • API: Alloy Navigator API module is a RESTful API service that provides integration capabilities for Alloy mobile apps and other third-party applications. Using the API, you can make external apps work with Alloy Navigator objects and perform workflow actions.

Desktop apps

  • Alloy Discovery Desktop App: Desktop App is the desktop user interface to Alloy Discovery. The application provides users with all the tools they need to configure, deploy, and run the audit. It also provides analytical and reporting tools to analyze and interpret audit results.

  • Alloy Discovery Settings: Settings is an administrative application where Alloy Discovery users with administrative permissions can perform various administrative tasks such as create and maintain user accounts, configure alerts, customize field labels, resolve conflicts, access log files, etc.

  • Alloy Navigator Settings: Settings is a desktop application for Alloy Navigator administrators. In Settings, Alloy Navigator administrators can not only execute all administrative tasks available in the web-based Admin Center but also to undertake advanced actions, such as creating new workflow items and components.

Mobile apps

  • Alloy Navigator ("the Mobile App") is a native mobile application for technicians that provides them access to Alloy Navigator using their mobile devices.

  • Alloy Inventory Scanner is the mobile asset tracking solution that enables IT personnel to identify, view, and inventory IT assets in the field in real time using their mobile devices.

  • Alloy Self-Service is a mobile app for end-users that allows them to report issues, request services, browse the knowledge base, and perform other self-service tasks on their mobile phone or tablet. .

IMPORTANT: Alloy mobile apps integrate with Alloy Navigator via the API. That's why they require that the API module is installed and configured for Access Token authentication.

NOTE: Alloy mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices.