Installation Guide

Start Alloy Inventory Server

Now the upgrade is complete and you can start the Alloy Inventory Server 2024.

  1. On the computer hosting the Alloy Inventory Server 2024, run the Inventory Server Manager.
  2. Before configuring the Inventory Server, you may need to import the Database Access Key. Otherwise, the Inventory Server Manager cannot access the database.
    1. Under Connection, click Import Key and import the Database Access Key using the Access Key Import window. This populates the SQL Server and Database fields with the values from the imported key.
    2. Fine-tune the database connection details, if needed: in the SQL Server field, enter the network address of the SQL Server, which may differ from the SQL Server name specified in the Database Access Key.
    3. Click Test Connection to make sure that the Inventory Server can connect to the database using the specified settings.
  3. Click Start.
  4. Click OK to exit the Inventory Server Manager.

If you have several Inventory Server instances for your Alloy Discovery2024 database, you must start every instance.