Installation Guide

Data Upgrade to Alloy Navigator 2023.2

8.0 8.3
Alloy Navigator object records

Knowledge Base Articles,
Library Items

In version 8.0, user access to Knowledge Base Articles, Library Items, and Announcements was controlled by the Sharing option. To allow users from a particular organization to access an object, you needed to "share" the object, i.e. to add this organization to the Sharing tab of the object record.

Started with version 8.2, user access is controlled at the Service level. The Sharing option has been removed as obsolete. If you want to limit access to a Knowledge Base Article, Library Item, or Announcement, you associate it with a service now. The object will be available to the service receivers: users, groups and organizations listed on the Receivers tab. You can edit the list of service receivers on the Receivers tab of the associated SLA record

When KB Articles, Library Items, or Announcements with a limited access are upgraded, the upgrade creates Service and SLA records and associates the services with these objects. The organizations listed on the Sharing tab are automatically transferred to the Receivers tab.

If KB Articles, Library Items, or Announcements were accessible to everyone, SLA and Service records are not created.

After the upgrade, you should review created items and components and adjust the new settings to your existing business logic.