Installation Guide

Review fields with HTML support

Starting with version 8, Alloy Navigator supports HTML in the Description field for Tickets (i.e. for Change Requests, Incidents, Problems, Service Requests, and Work Orders) and the Activity.Details field for all object classes.

Previously, these were Memo (plain text) fields. In order to support HTML input and pass HTML values to other workflow components, the new version introduces a new HTML type for virtual fields, parameters, and variables.

If you choose to install the default workflow, the new workflow items and components use HTML virtual fields, parameters, and variables to support HTML for the Description and Activity.Details fields.

If you chose to keep the existing workflow, all your imported workflow items and components continue to treat the Description and the Activity.Details fields as Memo fields. In order to enable HTML format in Ticket descriptions and Activity details, now you should review your imported workflow and change all virtual fields, parameters, and variables that supply data to the Description and Activity.Details fields from Memo to HTML. We recommend that you contact our Professional Services team before making these changes.