Installation Guide

Distributing the Database Access Key

Once you specified the Database Account for your Alloy Navigator database, the Database Management tool generates a unique Database Access Key. A registered copy of this key must exist on each computer that requires access to the database. This means that you must distribute this key to Alloy Navigator server computer and to all technician’s workstations where the desktop Settings are installed.

There are two ways of Database Access Key distribution:

  • As a .reg file.

    For example, you can send this .reg file via e-mail, and then technicians can import it using the Connection Manager. Alternatively, you can use Group Policy to import this .reg access key file to technician workstations.

  • As a long encoded string of characters.

    For example, you can send that string via e-mail with instructions on how to import the key to technician workstations using the Connection Manager.

For detailed instructions on importing the Database Access Key, see Importing the Database Access Key.

NOTE: Alloy Navigator services (the Automation Server, Web App, Self Service Portal, and the API module) also require the Database Access key to access the Alloy Navigator database. You will import the key when configuring each service.