Installation Guide

Choosing the Installation Type (SSP)

There are two options of installing the Self Service Portal which define how technicians will access the web application:

  • Installing as a web site — This configuration gives you the advantage of having a "nice" URL for accessing the SSP such as "" (or "" if you have a web site with a third-level domain name).

  • Installing into a virtual directory — In this configuration, your URL for accessing the SSP will include the virtual directory name (such as "").

By default, all Alloy Navigator web applications are deployed to "Alloy Navigator Site," a dedicated website on your IIS web server, on a custom port 81. However, you can decide to deploy the applications to the default website in IIS or create a new IIS website with settings that are specific to the requirements of your organization. To meet industry standard security requirements, you could consider switching over to HTTPS.

INFO: For instructions on how to configure Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for a site, see Microsoft: How to enable SSL for all customers who interact with your Web site in IIS.