Administration Guide

Creating Templates

To add a Template, follow the steps below.

INFO: For information on Templates, see Templates.

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to Workflow and Business Logic > [Module] > [Object Class] > Workflow > Components > Templates.
  2. Click New. The [TemplateName] dialog box opens.

  3. By default, the Name field is initialized with ObjectClassTemplateSeqNo (for example, IncidentTempate00001). You can keep this auto-generated name, or customize it as needed.
  4. Optional: Enter a description for this Template in the Description field.
  5. Under Fields, specify how this Template will assign initial values to fields of newly created objects:
    1. Click New. A new row appears.
    2. Select an object field in the Field Name field and enter its initial value in the Value field.

    Repeat these steps to specify initial values to other fields. If you want to remove a field from the Template, select it and click Delete.

  6. When done, click OK.

Custom and Reusable Templates

Workflow Templates are building blocks of Workflow Actions. When you create an Action, you can use an existing Template as is, customize it as needed, or create your custom Template from scratch.

A custom Template exists in the scope of a single Action. If your Template may be useful for other Actions, you can make it reusable.

  • To customize an existing Template, click Make Custom and make your changes.
  • To make a Template available in other Actions, click Make Reusable, enter a name, and save it. This converts a custom Template into a reusable one.