Administration Guide

Update Field

To specify how to assign a value to an object field:

  1. In the Update Field dialog box, select an object field from the Field list.
  2. Enter the value in the Value field:
    1. To assign a static value, depending on the field type:
      • select a value from the list;
      • select a date and time from the calendar;
      • calculate a value using the pop-up calculator.
    2. To specify a dynamically calculated value, click the Expression Builder button to bring up the Build Expression dialog box, then specify a static text or a runtime expression.

      IMPORTANT: The expression must return a value of the same type as the data type of the field.

      INFO: For details, see Using the Expression Builder.

    3. Keep the Enable operation check box selected. Otherwise, this operation will be ignored.
    4. Click OK.