Administration Guide

Form Validation

When you need to prevent the user from submitting invalid or incomplete data, use validation rules. Validation rules specify how the system should react to entered data, e.g when the entered price is negative. Alloy Navigator offers the following options:

Error — An error message alerts the user about the error and prevents data submission.

Confirmation — A confirmation asks whether the user wants to approve the input. Confirmation messages consist of a question and two respond buttons: Yes and No. Clicking Yes confirms the changes and simply closes the message dialog box, when clicking No allows the user to correct the entered data.

Information — An information message conveys some information to the user. For example, it can be used to diagnose interactive steps. Information messages display a single OK button. Once the user presses it, form submission moves on.

When the Form is implemented as a dialog box, the validation rule applies to the entire Form. Wizard-style Forms can have individual validation rules for wizard pages as illustrated below.