Administration Guide

Filtering Out Lookup List Items on Forms

As technicians and Self Service Portal customers perform steps within a workflow process, they may be required to enter data using Forms. In some cases, you may need to filter out specific values from drop-down lists displayed on these Forms. For example, when a technician is submitting a Work Order, you would want the Assignee drop-down list to contain only members of the current technician’s group.

To achieve this, you need to create a lookup filter by specifying its expression. When Alloy Navigator displays a lookup list to the user, it runs filtering expression to query the database and returns only certain items.

Alloy Navigator offers a number of ready-to-use filter templates for the majority of lookup fields. When specifying a filtering expression, you can choose a filter template and assign values to its parameters. Alternatively, you can create your custom filtering expression using the syntax of the SQL “WHERE” clause.

NOTE: If the lookup list you want to filter is a customizable classification list such as Category or Type or a user-defined field of the Lookup type, you can tag its values to make filtering easier. For instructions, see Tagging List Items.