Administration Guide

Grouping Step Actions

You can organize Steps on the Action Bar and in the Actions menu in groups as follows:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to the list of Steps to organize. For example, to group Steps for Computers, go to Workflow and Business Logic > Configuration Management > Computers > Workflow > Actions > Step Actions.
  2. Click Display Order. The Display Order dialog box opens.
  3. Organize Steps as follows:
    1. To add a group separator:
      1. Select a Step before which you want to add a separator and click New Group. The New Group dialog box opens.
      2. Type a caption for the group and click OK.
    2. To change a group caption:
      1. Select a group caption and click Rename Group. The Rename Group dialog box opens.
      2. Type a new caption and click OK.
    3. To ungroup Steps, select a group caption and click Delete Group. If there are any other groups configured, Steps from the deleted group will be added to the preceding group.
  4. Click OK.