Administration Guide

Configuring Latest Activity Widgets

The Latest Activity widget displays a list of most recent activities performed on Alloy Navigator objects and allows opening those objects directly from the dashboard.

To configure a Latest Activity widget, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new Latest Activity widget or open an existing one for modifying. The Latest Activity Widget Properties dialog box appears.

    INFO: For instructions on adding or modifying dashboard widgets, see Creating and Modifying Dashboard Widgets.

  2. Specify the widget’s name in the Name field. This name helps you identify the widget in the list.
  3. Specify the widget’s title in the Title field. The title will be displayed in the widget's title bar on dashboards.
  4. If you want to allow technicians to collapse this widget, select the Allow to minimize widget check box.
  5. If you want to hide this widget when there is no data to display, select the Hide widget when data is not available check box.
  6. Under Data, specify the data source for the widget: object classes and additional filtering conditions. If no object classes are specified, the widget will display most recent activities of all object classes.
    1. To add a new data source, click New. The Selection Rule dialog box opens.
    2. In the Object Class field, choose the object class whose activities you want to display in the widget.
    3. Optionally: Click the ellipsis button in the Object Filter field to configure filtering conditions for objects of the chosen class. The Filter dialog box appears.
    4. Optionally: Click the ellipsis button in the Activity Filter field to configure filtering conditions for Activity records.

      INFO: For instructions on configuring filtering conditions, see Help: Using the Advanced Filter.

    5. By default, the widget displays the most recent activity of those satisfying the filter, even if it is not the latest of all the object’s activities. If you want the widget to display the activity satisfying the filter only if it is the object’s latest activity, select the Show only if it is the latest object's activity check box.
    6. Optionally: In the Description field, type the description for the data source, which will be displayed in the Data section of the Latest Activity Widget Properties dialog box.

      NOTE: You should keep the Active check box selected.

    7. Click OK.
  7. Add other data sources, if needed.
  8. To configure which Activity record fields should be displayed in the widget, click the Customize button. The Customize Table dialog box opens.

    INFO: For instructions on customizing the table, see Help: Customize Table window.

  9. Click the Preview button to see how the widget will look like.
  10. If you want Activity Details to be displayed in the widget, select the Preview Activity Details... check box and specify the number of lines to show in the preview area.
  11. If you want to save your time and retrieve from the database only recent activity records for a certain period of time, specify the number of days in the Retrieve records for the last <x>days field.
  12. To limit the number of displayed records, specify the number in the Limit the number of records to display to field.
  13. By default, the widget is 175 pixels high. You can adjust the height in the Height field.
  14. Click OK.