Administration Guide

Default Conflict Policy

Alloy Navigator comes with the default conflict policy that controls how to match computers from audit snapshots to Computer records in Alloy Navigator:

There are two system rules: Equal ID and Default. The other rules are located in between.

  • Equal ID — Checks the ID value, which is the computer record ID in Alloy Discovery. If the ID is matched, the data from Alloy Discovery overwrites the data in Alloy Navigator. Otherwise, subsequent rules are applied.

    The Equal ID system rule is always the first rule to apply.

  • Default — If none of the above rules are matched, the Alloy Discovery Connector creates a new Computer record in Alloy Navigator. This system rule is always last rule to apply.

NOTE: Alloy Navigator relies on these system rules, so they cannot be deleted or modified.

The default conflict policy is usually sufficient. However, you can modify or delete non-system rules, change the order in which rules are applied, or create new rules, if needed.