Administration Guide

Adding Common User-Defined Fields for Tickets

If you want to have a user-defined field common to several (or even all) Ticket classes added to the All Tickets / My Tickets grid, follow the steps below.

IMPORTANT: Hidden or encrypted UDFs cannot be added to the All Tickets / My Tickets grid because such fields cannot be visible to technicians.

  1. Add a user-defined field with the same name to all Ticket classes where you need it: Incidents, Problems, Change Requests, etc. For instructions, see Adding User-Defined Fields.

  2. Add this Ticket user-defined field to the All Tickets / My Tickets grid. For instructions, see Adding Ticket Fields.

NOTE: When you add a user-defined field that has different types in different Ticket classes, the added field will have Memo or String data type, depending on which one better suits the originals.