Administration Guide

Hiding the Product Name and Version from the Web App's Meta Tags

By default, the Web App pages contain the application-name meta tag that contains the product name and version. In order to address certain security considerations, we offer an option for removing the product name and version from the Web App's meta tags.

To hide the application-name meta tag:

  1. Locate the web.config file and open it in a text editor.

    The web.config file can be found in the folder where all your Web App files are located.

    INFO: For instructions on how to view the physical path of Web App files, see Physical Path to Web App Files.

  2. In the <appSettings> section, add the HideAppNameMetaData key and set its value to true:

    <add key="HideAppNameMetaData" value="true" />
  3. Save the web.config file and restart the Web App to apply your changes.

    TIP: You can use the Web Configuration tool to restart the Web App. Right-click the web application to restart and choose Restart Portal from the pop-up menu.

INFO: For details on installing and configuring the Web App using the Web Configuration tool, see Installation Guide: Installing and Configuring the Web App.