Administration Guide

Defining Workflow for the Self Service Portal

Customers interact with objects in the Self Service Portal through workflow items: Forms and Service Actions (Create Actions and Service Step Actions). The following workflow components and items are available for customization:

  • View Forms The SSP uses these forms to display the details of existing objects such as Approval Requests and Incidents. Each object class that is available in the SSP has a single View Form.
  • Create Actions The Self Service Portal uses Create Actions to prompt customers for relevant information when they create a new Incident or Equipment Reservations and to initialize some properties of this new object, particularly those that are not visible in the SSP. You can configure multiple Create Actions for different types of objects you want to provide.
  • Steps Steps specify how customers update objects when they choose to perform an action in the SSP (update an Incident, approve or reject an Approval Request, etc.) and how this action affects other participants of the business process. When actions require input data, the Step provides initial values from the Template or prompts the customer to provide input using a Form. For each object class available in the SSP, you can configure multiple Steps for different actions.