Administration Guide

User Macros

Alloy Navigator supports two types of macros:

  • Text — This macro is a combination of static text and placeholders for dynamic content (object fields and other macros).
  • SQL Script This macro is a SQL script containing Transact-SQL statements. When executed, the script queries the database and returns a single value.

In the Workflow and Business Logic > [Module] > [Object Class] > Macros section, you can access all user macros for a particular object class.

NOTE: If your configuration contains a large number of macros, you can use the filter box above the grid to find the macro you need. Press CTRL+F and type the macro’s name, description or content in the filter box (see figure below). As you type, the contents of the grid will be dynamically filtered to show only macros that contain the entered text.

NOTE: You can expand all groups by choosing Expand All from the pop-up menu. To collapse all groups, choose Collapse All.