Administration Guide

Changing archiving job names

For Alloy Navigator Enterprise On-Prem

A single job can perform only one action of your choice — either archive and remove or remove unused Tickets without archiving. If you want to archive records in one case and simply purge records in another, you must create multiple archiving jobs to perform different tasks. For example, one job would archive unused Change Requests after 2 years and Service Requests after 1 year, and another job would remove unused Work Orders and Incidents after six months.

If you create several archiving jobs, you may want to assign distinctive names to each job:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to Services > Archiving > Archiving and double-click a job. The Archiving dialog box appears.

  2. Go to the Settings tab.

  3. Type the job name in the Name field.

  4. Click OK to save your settings and close the Archiving dialog box.