Administration Guide

Configuring Alloy Inventory Scanner

Alloy Inventory Scanner 2.0

Alloy Inventory Scanner is an asset tracking application that integrates with Alloy Navigator using the Alloy Navigator API module. Technicians can use Alloy Inventory Scanner to inventory assets, which are computers, hardware, and software licenses. Alloy Navigator includes configuration settings that define how Alloy Inventory Scanner works. This article explains what mobile configuration contains and where you can access it.

Alloy Inventory Scanner is available for Android and iOS mobile devices on Google Play and App Store.

Configuration settings include:

  • Workflow action - The workflow Step Action for mobile asset inventory. That action defines user input and controls how the inventory step updates the inventory data. The default workflow includes the "Inventory" action #2244 for assets that is ready to use.

  • Action display name - The button label on Inventory Scanner screen. Users tap that button to perform the inventory.

  • Response text - The message that Inventory Scanner shows to the user when the task completes success.

The default mobile configuration is the best choice for most organizations. However, you can access the configuration settings and make some customizations. To access the mobile configuration, launch the Settings App and navigate to Services > Mobile Applications > InventoryScanner. For instructions, see Settings App Help: Configuring Alloy Inventory Scanner.