Administration Guide

Administrative Dashboard

This chapter explains how to work with the Administrative Dashboard of Alloy Navigator. This dashboard is available in the General > Administrative Dashboard section of the Settings Sidebar.

The Administrative Dashboard is the front page of your Settings. This pre-configured dashboard gives up-to-date information about events requiring administrator's attention (see figure below).

The Administrative Dashboard includes the following informative panels:

  • Feature Configuration Overview - This panel displays a list of detected feature configurations that require administrator's handling and provides one-click access to feature configuration modules.
  • Statistics - This panel stores latest statistics for configuration change events. By default, changes are shown for the current date.
  • Alerts - This panel highlights alert notifications about errors and failures reported by Alloy Navigator system components. For example:
    • Last run of 2 job has failed

    • Number of days you have not performed a backup of the database

    • Enabled log may slow you down

    • Self-registering SSP users waiting approve

    • License will expire in 30 days

    • The number connected at the moment of concurrent users has reached the limit

    • Notification Queue has 5 failed notifications

    • The number of audited computers have reached the limits of the license

    • Automation Server is not working

    • There are pending Conflicts in AD Integration

    • Notification Queue is paused

    • Less than 20% of free space on the disk where the database is located