Workflow upgrade page

On this page, choose how to upgrade your workflow. We highly recommend consulting with our Professional Services Team before making a choice here.

  • Install default workflow - The default workflow contains an improved business logic for all Alloy Navigator object classes.

Installing default workflow will first remove all your existing workflow items and components (Actions, Triggers, Templates, Forms, Functions, E-mail Notifications) and user macros, and then install the new ones.

Installing default workflow is the recommended choice, although if you have previously implemented heavy workflow customizations, your changes will be discarded. Your workflow will need to be implemented again on the new platform. In this case we highly recommend leveraging our Professional Services Team who are experts in workflow design and implementation and committed to delivering quality and perfection.

  • Keep existing workflow - All your existing business logic will be imported to the new database. However, you will not have any improvements and new business logic features that come with the new default workflow.

    NOTE: Keeping the existing workflow will create new workflow settings for the new object classes introduced in the latest version, depending on the version you are upgrading from. For example, if you are upgrading from version 7, you will get new settings for the object classes that were introduced in version 8.

Whichever option you choose, your existing production database will remain safe and sound. The changes apply only to the pilot Alloy Navigator 8 database.