Setting up work calendars

In the General >Work Calendars section you can create the work calendar for your organization. A work calendar defines working days, working hours, holidays, and any other exceptions to the work schedule, such as overtime. If technicians in your organization work at different locations in different time zones or work in multiple shifts, you would need to use multiple global work calendars. Each technician would still need to have a personal work calendar for tracking personal events and exceptions.

Alloy Navigator uses work calendars in conjunction with SLA to automatically calculate due dates for tickets, or in the Business Workflow Management to check whether a date field is covered by a specific work calendar or to compare two dates within working hours.

Under Calendars, you can do the following tasks:

Under Holidays and Exceptions, you can do the following:

Under Working Week, you can do the following:

  • Defining working and non-working hours

    NOTE: Each technician may have various personal events such as vacations that apply to their work calendars. Personal events are scheduled in the Desktop App. The Settings App enables you to customize categories for these personal events. For details, see Managing personal event categories.