Auto-creating Computers from the audit data

Alloy Navigator is integrated withAlloy Discovery. For information on using Alloy Discovery, see Alloy Discovery documentation.

When audit snapshots are imported from Alloy Discovery to Alloy Navigator, new Computer records are automatically created. Typically, auto-created Computers have the "Auto-Added" status and are associated with auto-created Assets.

Software Licenses are automatically allocated to the auto-created Computers. If a known Software Product associated with a Tracked Software is discovered on a Computer, and this Tracked Software includes a Software License with a matching installation key, serial number or organization, this license is auto-allocated to this Computer. If such a license is not found, Alloy Navigator associates the computer with the master license for that software product, if the master license exists.

INFO: For details, see Allocating Software Licenses.

When a auto-added Computer is retired in Alloy Navigator, its original record is typically deleted from Alloy Discovery.