Customizing Announcement styles

Use the General > CSS Styles >Announcement section of the Settings App to customize Announcements with CSS.

There are three places where users can see Announcements: the Desktop App (on dashboards), the Web App (on dashboards), and the Self Service Portal (on the Home Page). Here you can independently customize the appearance of Announcements for each of these locations:

  • Desktop App: General > CSS Styles >Announcement > Desktop App

  • Web App: General > CSS Styles >Announcement > Web App

  • Self Service Portal: General > CSS Styles >Announcement > Self Service Portal

IMPORTANT: When customizing the Announcement appearance for web applications, make sure that you precede each CSS style definition with the special parent selector div#announcement. This selector ensures that your style definitions apply only to Announcements, not to the entire web page. For details, see Customizing style sheets for portals.

To customize the current style:

  1. Customize CSS style definitions as you need. Make sure not to delete or modify existing CSS class names and selectors.

  2. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

To save the current style to a .css file:

  1. Click Save To File. The Save Stylesheet to window opens.

  2. Browse for the location to save the file to, then enter the file name and click Save.

To import the style from a .css file:

  1. Click Load From File. The Load Stylesheet from window opens.

  2. Browse for the .css file and click Open.

  3. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

TIP: When you import the style from a file, you replace the current style definition. You may want to export your current style to a file for backup purposes before doing the import.