Viewing Ticket Details

Updated in 2.0

The Mobile App displays Ticket record details on the following pages: General, Activities, Child Work Orders, and Related Objects. To open the Ticket details, choose its record from the Ticket view (for details, see Understanding Ticket Views.

To switch between pages, use the page indicator. You can also view child Work Orders and Ticket's related objects by using the More button (for details, see Viewing Child Work Orders and Related Objects.

TIP: The General page enables you to select text and copy it to the clipboard.

NOTE: Any exceeding field value is truncated down to the available screen area. To open the full version, use the details button.

Elements of the mobile UI:

Number UI Element Description
1 Ticket ID Displays the identifier of the current Ticket.
2 Details button Opens full description..
3 Page indicator Switches between record pages.
4 More button Opens additional menu to view child Work Orders, Related Objects and Activities. For details, see Viewing Child Work Orders and Related Objects.
5 Back button Returns to the previous form.
6 Actions button Opens actions menu to perform workflow actions on current Ticket. For details, see Performing Actions on Tickets.