Reference: Alloy Navigator bot commands

Introduced in 8.7.3

This article lists the available commands for using the Alloy Navigator bot in Microsoft Teams.

  • Every command has a long form and a short form. Both command forms are case-insensitive.

  • Some commands require specifying a parameter, with a space in between.

  • If a required command parameter is missing, the bot will first attempt to use the last used parameter with that command.

Command and short form Parameter (required) Description What you can do next

list tickets



Lists your open tickets.

View the details of any ticket from the list and then view its history of updates or update it.

new ticket



Creates a new ticket.

Jump to the Self Service Portal to the newly-created ticket.



<ticket number>

Shows the details of a ticket with the specified ticket number and the history of updates.

  • Update the ticket (add a comment).

  • View the history of ticket updates.

  • Jump to the Self Service Portal to the full ticket form.

list approvals



Lists all approval requests pending your decision.

  • View the details of an approval request from the list.

  • Approve or reject a request from the list.

search articles


<search text> Shows the names of knowledge base articles that contain the search text you enter.
  • View the details of any article from the list.

  • Jump to the Self Service Portal to the full article form.



<article ID> Shows a knowledge base article with the specified ID.
  • Jump to the Self Service Portal to the full article form.




Shows all the available bot command with their short descriptions.

Copy any command from the help menu and paste it to the compose message box to launch.

However, it's simpler to use the What can I do menu.