Upgrade to the new Approval Workflow

For upgrades from version 6

Starting with version 7, Alloy Navigator offers a new approach to the approval workflow. In version 6, only Change Requests supported approvals. Now you can manage approval processes for any other objects, for example Purchase Orders, Problems, Service Requests, or Knowledge Base Articles. An approval process can consist of one or more approval stages (voting scenarios), each stage can handle one or multiple approval requests.

Regardless of the workflow upgrade option you chose, you still can use the old approach, because the new version provides access to the imported Change Request approvals and supports the original workflow.

In the Settings App, the ability to support the legacy Change Request approval workflow is defined by the Approval Logic option for Change Requests, which is set to Use old logic after migration.

As long as you keep using the old logic for Change Request approval, Change Request approval data from version 6 is available in your pilot Alloy Navigator 8 database, and you can manage old, deprecated Change Request approval workflow settings.

When you are ready to move to the new Change Request approval workflow, follow these steps:

  1. In the Settings App, go to Workflow and Business Logic Configuration > Service Desk > Change Requests > Options.

  2. Under Approval Logic, click Use new logic.

  3. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

    NOTE: You can always roll back your changes by clicking Use old logic.