Review and Reconfigure Synchronization Jobs

All your Alloy Discovery Synchronization jobs and Active Directory Synchronization jobs were imported to Alloy Navigator 8, and all Service Actions used by those jobs were also imported, regardless of the workflow upgrade option you chose. However, the job schedule is disabled because all new synchronization jobs must be reviewed before allowing them to run.

Alloy Navigator 8 introduces a new way how synchronization jobs create Organizations and Locations. This task no longer needs individual Service Actions. Instead, it is triggered by special Create Organizations and Create Locations processing options, available in new jobs.

You must review your Alloy Discovery Synchronization and Active Directory Synchronization jobs and reconfigure them as needed. Alloy Navigator 8 jobs run on the Alloy Navigator 8 Automation Server, so you need to configure your new Alloy Navigator 8 Automation Server and start it in advance.