Importing the Database Access Key

Use the Access Key Import window to import the Database Access Key to the local computer.

TIP: To access the Access Key Import window, click Import in the Connection Manager or Import Key in the Automation Server Manager.

When importing the Access Key, you specify the following parameters:

  • Access Key Content - the content of the Database Access Key. To import the key as a string of characters, paste this string into this field to import the key to your local computer.

    NOTE: If you need to pass the Database Access Key to a colleague or to your another computer, you can copy the content of this field and then run the Connection Manager on the target computer and paste the key into this field.

  • Load from File - imports the key as a .reg file.

  • Access Key Details - the information about the Database Access Key:
    • Name - the key name
    • Authentication - the authentication that the Database Account uses
    • Login - the login name of the Database Account (the SQL Server login used to connect to the database)
    • SQL Server - the name of the SQL Server hosting the database
    • Database - the database name
    • Version - the database version
    • Creation Date - the date when this key was created
  • Import - imports the Database Access Key to your local computer.

To import the Database Access Key:

  1. In the Access Key Import window, specify a Database Access Key to import:
    • If the administrator sent you the key as a .reg file, click Load from File, browse to the .reg key file, and click Open.
    • If the administrator sent you the key as an encoded string of characters, paste the previously copied string to the Access Key Content field.
  2. Click Import. Alloy Navigator imports the key to your local computer and closes the Access Key Import window.
  3. Click Test Connection to verify the connection using the imported key.
  4. Click OK.