About User Profiles in the Self Service Portal

User profiles allow Self Service Portal customers to change their personal settings, such as the interface language and the format for displaying the date, time, currency, and measurements. To access the user profile, click the Profile link available at the top of any Self Service Portal page.

In their profiles, Self Service Portal customers can make the following changes:

  • Change Password — This option is available only when you use standard SQL Server or LDAP authentication for Self Service Portal users. For details, see Choosing User Authentication Type.
  • Language — This option allows the user to select the interface language from the list of installed language packs. For details, see Installing Language Packs. The selected language also assigns the default settings for the display of the date, time, currency, and measurements. The user has the options to change those formats as needed, regardless of the selected interface language and installed language packs.
  • Date — The date format.
  • Time — The time format.
  • Digit Grouping Symbol — The symbol that separates sequences of three digits.
  • Decimal Symbol — The symbol that separates the integer part from the fractional part of a number written in decimal form.
  • Max. Number of List Items — The maximum number of items that the Self Service Portal can show in drop-down lists (such as in the Requester field for Tickets). When the maximum number is exceeded, the Self Service Portal displays a warning message.