Support for Windows Accounts

Mobile App Service is being deprecated. Please use API as a backend for the Mobile App instead.

Technician accounts with Standard authentication will work right out of the box. If you are planning to allow your technicians to use their Windows accounts to sign in to the Mobile App, review the section below.

Signing In to the Mobile App

The Windows Authentication mechanism in the Mobile App works differently than in a Windows environment. Mobile App users have to type in their Windows domain user account name and password to sign in using their Windows credentials.

IMPORTANT: To sign in to the Mobile App, technicians must specify their Windows domain user account names in this format: <Domain name>\<User account name>. For example: EXAMPLE\mnewcomb.

Additional Privileges on the Web Server

In order to allow Mobile App users to sign in with their Windows credentials, the following requirements must be met:

  • Requirements for technicians' Windows accounts:

    All Windows accounts must have the right to log on locally to the web server computer hosting the Mobile App Service.

  • Requirements for the Windows account that IIS uses for running the Mobile App Service:

    Depending on your version of the Internet Information Services (IIS), the Windows account that IIS runs the Mobile App Service under may require the "Act as part of operating system" user right on the web server.

    NOTE: For details, see Configuring Windows Authentication.