Choosing User Authentication Type

Updated in 8.7

The API module supports two methods of user authentication: Windows authentication and Access Token authentication. .

  • Windows authentication enables users to send requests to the API under their current Windows accounts, without having to obtain an access token and specify it in requests.

  • Access Token authentication requires that users or applications first obtain an API access token and then specify it in the Authorization section of every request sent to the API. Choose this type of authentication if you are planning to use your API instance as a backend for Alloy Navigator Mobile App or Alloy Inventory Scanner. Both our native mobile applications require the API configured for Access Token authentication.

    INFO: For details on obtaining an access token, see API User’s Guide: Authenticating Users and Authenticating Aplications.

The API module also supports LDAP user authentication. It enables technicians to use their domain credentials with standard authentication for signing in to web and mobile applications.