Organizing Tracked Software and Software Licenses

Tracked Software is the link between Software Products imported from Alloy Discovery and Software Licenses created in Alloy Navigator. A single Tracked Software record can combine several Software Products (for example, different versions of the same software) and include several Software Licenses.

NOTE: You organize Tracked Software and Software Licenses using the Desktop App or the Web App for technicians.

To access the Tracked Software grid in the Desktop App, select Software Asset Management> Tracked Software in the Sidebar, or Go > Tracked Software on the main menu.

Every software product for which you want to track licensing compliance should have a Tracked Software record. To create a Tracked Software record, use the New menu of the Tracked Software grid or a Tracked Software details screen. Commands for creating Tracked Software are also available from the Software Catalog and Discovered Installations grids.

You should also create a Software License record for each software license. Actions for creating Software Licenses are available on the Tracked Software details screen or in the Software Licenses grid.