Adding Service Catalog Items

To add a Service Catalog item, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Desktop App or Web App sidebar, navigate to Service Management > Service Catalog.
  2. Under Categories, select a category for the new item.
  3. Under Items [Category], click New > Service Catalog Item. The Create Service Catalog Item workflow dialog box opens.
  4. In the Name field, type in the name for the new item.
  5. Optionally: In the Description field, type in the description.
  6. In the Service field, choose a Service to associate this Service Catalog Item with.
  7. In the Type field, choose the type of the Service Catalog item: Access Request, Equipment Request, etc.

    INFO: In the Settings, the Alloy Navigator administrator can add custom types for Service Catalog items (Workflow and Business Logic > Service Management > Service Catalog Items > Classification > Types). For more information, see Administration Guide: Adding Values to Lookup Lists.

  8. In the Request Fulfillment field, choose a Request Fulfillment for the Service Catalog item which you are adding.

    NOTE: The Request Fulfillment determines what Create Action creates a new Service Request for the delivery of the Service Catalog Item. If you cannot find a matching Request Fulfillment for your item, contact your Alloy Navigator administrator. For more information, seeAdministration Guide: Managing Request Fulfillments.

  9. Optionally: If the service is paid, specify its price in the Price field.
  10. Optionally: Click Attach to add attachments.
  11. Click OK.