Working with Applications

Alloy Navigator allows you to store and edit configurations for applications that use the API to communicate with Alloy Navigator. Via the API, configurations can be uploaded to mobile applications.

NOTE: You can access applications configurations from the Settings App: Services > Mobile Applications. For details, see Administration Guide: Configuring Alloy Inventory Scanner.

Getting Application Configuration

To upload a configuration to an application, use the following request.

HTTP method


URL parameters
Parameter Description


The application name (Application ID) as it is registered in the Alloy Navigator Settings App under Services > Mobile Applications.


This is an example of how you can get the configuration of the Alloy Inventory Scanner application.



Response in JSON format:


	"success": true,

	"errorCode": 0,

	"errorText": "",

	"responseObject": {

		"Actions": [{

		"ActionID": "{A4E0000E-FC8E-4FB6-BE3C-F387830FADA8}",

		"DisplayName": "Inventory","ResponseText": "Inventory completed"