Configuring Alloy Discovery Synchronization

Alloy Navigator 8 (AN8) uses the Alloy Discovery Connector tool to import audit data from the Alloy Discovery 8 (AD8) database. The Alloy Discovery Connector performs the following tasks:

  • Creating Computer records and updating existing Computers with data from audit snapshots;

  • Creating Chromebook records and updating existing Chromebooks with data from audit snapshots (Chromebooks are Computer records in the Chromebook category);

  • Creating Hardware records and updating existing Hardware with data from audit snapshots;

  • Creating Person, Location, and Organization records for computer users;

    NOTE: When attempting to match user information from Alloy Discovery to Person records in Alloy Navigator, the Alloy Discovery Connector uses the Person Matching Algorithm. For details on that algorithm, see Person Matching Algorithm.

  • Maintaining Software Product records in the Software Catalog;

  • Tracking installed software and monitoring Software Licensing Compliance.

INFO: For details on maintaining software product records and monitoring software licensing compliance, see How to Monitor Software Licensing Compliance.

If you want to synchronize Alloy Navigator with Alloy Discovery, you must create and configure an Alloy Discovery Synchronization job. In order to process multiple AD databases, create individual jobs for each database.